Salad Served on a China Plate Ready to Eat

Salad Served on a China Plate Ready to Eat

Our mouth-watering salads are the perfect way to get your daily intake of greens. Our chefs at Home From Home Meals South East Ltd. craft and prepare these salads with all the freshest ingredients. We also use a special blend of spices and herbs that add a special zest to every dish.

Take the hassle out of having to prepare a salad yourself by getting it served up already prepared, on a China plate, and ready to eat. Enjoy a wholesome, nutritious, and delicious meal that looks and tastes great. Our salads are perfect for lunch, dinner, or an evening snack.

Order your salad served on a China plate ready to eat from Home Meals South East Ltd. today and experience why this is such an amazing treat for your taste buds. Get yours now and treat yourself to something delicious.

£8.50 Per salad

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